ARTISTíS STATEMENT  I have been interested in drawing and painting from a very young age. As I took  classes, and tried different mediums, I was most pleased with the results of pastels.  Also, I feel fortunate fo be able to paint portraits, as this is the most difficult of  subjects for all artists.  The quality and variety of the current pastels, as well as the surfaces, has made this  medium even more striking. If framed properly, the paintings will last well over 500  years. This will allowmany future generations to enjoy them, and be passed along in  the family. I only use acid free materials to ensure the long life of each painting.  My success at portraits is due to a willingness to discuss the ingredients with the  client that go into making a successful painting. I enjoy the feeling of a job well done,  and knowing that my customer is pleased with the completed work.

John Bittick, Pastel Artist